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03 February 2014 @ 09:16 am

My first video went up a month ago tomorrow, and I've since had over 1,500 views, which I don't think is bad going (but I'm not sure, being new to this!)

Anyway, I play a variety of games in as interactive a way as I possibly can, including Pokémon, Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto and, coming up soon, Hitman. I try to have as much fun as possible making each video, and make it as entertaining as possible!

If any of you fancy checking my channel out, I would greatly appreciate it!


Thanks in advance. :)

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22 December 2012 @ 10:26 am
(For Felix Kjellberg. This story for you and your golden statue, Stephano)
By Dara Sekar. Enjoy reading~

"LEFT IDIOT!!" yelled the French man.

"I'M TRYING!!!" answer the Swedish man, sweating all over his face.

The bro's are behind them, chase them with all their might. Pewdie looked behind, and then screamed like a little girl. Stephano who still running behind him, trying to make the Swede to calmed down and let him to finish the bros for its own. But, he was dragged over by Pewdie.

"DON'T BE SUCH A PUSSY PEWDIE!!! FIND A ROOM TO HIDE!!! I WILL TAKE THEM DOWN!!" barked Stephano, stoping Pewdie to run again. But the swede is a very stubborn man, he continued to run, with Stephano dragged over by him.




"…!" Stephano silenced. He always said to his fans who watched his video to not be scared, and those who scared he called them 'pussy'. And now, in this situation, shouldn't he called an 'PUSSY OLD-MAN'?! Thinking about that already making the French man to angry … well, a little. The Swede only stared at him (while running), waiting for the answer. "Well …?"

"RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!" the French man yelled.

"Really? Thank you Stepha-"

"I MEAN 'GO RIGHT' IDIOT!!!!" Stephano yelled again, sweat running down from his forehead.

"YOU DON'T SAY!!!" the Swede yelled too. And they reached … dead end. The bros are behind them, claws are ready to clawing out the ribs and any other part of orgasm. Pewdie watched in horror, he looked to Stephano. Pewdie's gaze makes the French man's heart to melt. Don't know why.

The bros are closer to them and claws are ready to claw them. Pewdie closed his both eyes, braces for the impact. The bro clawed his chest … but it isn't his chest. He opened his both eyes.


He standing in front of him, with bro's claw stabbed his chest.

Pewdie shocked.

"I … Idi…ot…I told you… to run…." He said with crack voice. Stephano pulled his arms to the side of the room, and then hit something on the wall. And suddenly, the wall slowly moved to the left side, making the Swede and the French to fall behind that secret room. And then the wall closed again by itself, leaving the Bro to confused.

A room who looks like a tunnel.
Sliding against the wall, they didn't stop. "Be careful! Don't let go from my grip if you not want to be finding again, for forever!" Stephano said, with a strong grip in Pewdie's body. He doesn't know why, but the grip made him felt very save.

until 5 minutes later. "Shit! How long does it takes to slide in this odd room?!" Stephano cursed under his breath. Pewdie looked up at him. He's my hero…

And then after 10 minutes…

They hit the ground, finally the sliding-who-takes-for-forever stop. They landed in the odd room that looks like a mine. Pewdie coughed, dust in here are very thick. He looked to everywhere, searching for Stephano. And … he's in the side of the mine, bloody all over his body. Pewdie quickly run toward him, worried for him. Stephano coughed blood.

Pewdie cannot stand to saw his very best friend dying. He then pulled his blue jacket and covered it to Stephano's wound, wishing the blood to stop pouring. The Frenchman winced a little. The pain really sting until the top of head, he thought.

Pewdie still stared at him. Tears filled in his both eyes. Stephano looked at him, and then giggled between life and death.

"Why you crying like a baby, pussy?" he asked, laughing blood. Pewdie forced a smile. He laughs too, so he can remember Stephano's figure again, even though he will losed him for forever.

"I am not a pussy, Stephano… "He said, with a cracked voice. And then he cried. Stephano stared at him with gentle eyes. "Pewdie… "

"Yes? What is it!?" the Swede quickly said. Stephano only smiled and that's made him trembled again.

"You are the best bro I've ever had… "He said and then coughed again. He closed both of his eyes slowly. His smiles turn to normal. Pewdie's eyes now bigger than a plate size. He couldn't believe about what he had heard from his best friend. And he knows what made him said that.

"STEPHANO!!! PLEASE DON'T DIE!! I NEED YOU! I AM SORRY FOR BEING A PUSSY FOR ALL THIS TIME!! PLEASE DON'T DIE!! I REALLY NEED YOU!! YOU JUST LIKE MY BROTHER FOR ME!!" he yelled, rocking Stephano forth and back, wishing him to opened his eyes again. But it was in vain. He didn't even breathed, his pulse already not beating again. He's dead now.

"Stephano … "Pewdie said. He still has tears in his both eyes. But he didn't wipe it off. He let it fall to Stephano's face. He embraced Stephano for the last time he could do. His best friend died for protecting him. He didn't know what to do now…


"What the?"

'I SAID LEFT! NOW GO!' said the voice.

"But who the hell are you!? I don't even know where you are!" Pewdie said, looked to everywhere. It is nothing in there. And then something clicked in his head. He looked to Stephano's body. And then hear the voice again.

'Well?' the voice asked to him. Pewdie smiled even more.


'Good, now let's go!'

"Okay, Stephano!"

17 August 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Title: Pewdiepie's Amnesia Nightmare
Author: chickensgocluck
Chapters: 1
Rating: PG/M
Genre: Horror, Aventure, Mystery
Summary: Pewdiepie sits down one night to recored his daily post of Amnesia when something usual occurs. He gets sucked into a nightmare, but can he wake up.

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17 August 2012 @ 09:34 pm

Made a few icons for you bros, enjoy.

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17 August 2012 @ 06:35 pm
Man I am so exctied for Pewdipie's new let's play for 'To the Moon' I know it's not horror but he makes all the depressing parts hilarious anyway. And the storyline is freakin awesome, I want to play it now. Then I again, I wanted to play Amnesia after I saw Toby play it and that didn't turn out well.
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